Our Show Location - lots of room, good lighting!

We are one of the oldest rabbit clubs in the state of Illinois. We hold 2 shows per year: our Spring show is the third Sunday in February and beginning November 2016, our fall show is the third Saturday in November.

Double Open/Double Youth Rabbit /Double Open Cavy
Open Mini Rex Specialty Show

Awards: BIS/4 Class/6 Class/Best Rare Breed #
STARTING BREEDS: Angora, Cal, FW, HL, ML, MR, MS, ND, NZ, Satin

Download flyer in PDF format HERE
* indicates LOCAL Specialty Club Sanction
# Rare Breed determined by Franco Rios' Rare Breeds listing - Blanc de Hotot, Giant Angora, Giant Chinchilla, American, Creme d'Argent, Beveren, American Sable, Belgian Hare, Satin Angora, Lilac, Silver, Cinnamon, Palomino, Standard Chinchilla, Harlequin, Rhinelander
American Sable American Fuzzy Lop Open Only Angora
Argente Brun Open Only Beveren Open Only Californian *Local Sanction Open Only
Champagne D Agent Checkered Giant Open Only Dutch
Dwarf Hotot Youth Only English Lop Open Only Flemish Giant Open Only
Florida White * French Lop Open Only Havana
Himalayan Open Only Holland Lop Jersey Wooly
Lilac Lionhead Mini Lop *
Mini Rex * Mini Satin * Netherland Dwarf *
New Zealand Polish * Rex Open Only
Rhinelander Satin * Silver Fox
Thrianta Youth Only  
Other breeds can be sanctioned upon request. Breeder to pay sanction fees and will be reimbursed if more than 15 rabbits are shown - contact parba.show@gmail.com for details

Mike Avesing Tom Berger Brad Boyce
Paula Courtney Susan Dapper PJ Dvorak
Dick Gehr John Grimm Mark Jacobs
Joel Marshall Donyelle Smith  
John Hizey Don Petersen  
Registrar - Tiffany Bohlmann
Show Superintendent - Laurel Plumer
Show Secretary - Jane Meyer/Paul Dvorak

We are proud to announce - GORDON'S FARM SUPPLIES
Franklin, IN
Shane, Christine, and Dalton Gordon
Gordon's CAN bring your pre-order to the show! Visit their website www.gordonsfarmsupplies.com.

Our club meets once a month. Our club members are spread throughout the Peoria, IL and surrounding area so we try to rotate club meeting locations to even out the drive for everyone. See below for information about our next meeting. Visitors are always welcome!

Our club is affiliated with the Illinois Rabbit Breeders Association and the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Many of our members also belong to national breed specialty clubs for the breeds they raise.

Occasionally our members have rabbits for sale. Club members are allowed to post their for sale rabbits to our "For Sale" page, if you are looking for breeding stock or just a pet, take a look! Members are also allowed a single page of information for their rabbitry...these pages are under the Member Pages link.